Thursday, January 15, 2009

xoxo, L!

i have a really simple things, i called best friend
named lolla.
a year ago, we've joined together as classmate
as the new grade begins,
a year full learning
laugh, love, and many
while we become friend
we share and be kind
as we work and play
and our friendship will grow
with each passing day

she had really simple chubby cheeks, and she looks beautiful
friendly, kind, and caring
sensitive, loyal, and understanding
humorous, fun, and true
always there, yeah i know that's you

special, accepting, exciting and wise
truthful and helpful, with your horse smile
confiding, forgiving, cheerful and bright
yeah that's you

you're one of a kind, different from others
generous, and cool. we hate chain smokers, right?
optimistic, happy and full of foods

even we fight about our ego
even often i wait you for a looong time and you canceled our apointment
even our favorite bread taste is different. lo meat lovers, tapi gue chocolatic banget, z.
but, you're my bestest friend that i ever had (what a weak
, jangan mikir macem macem)

so, people don't take my besfriend away. attention.

thankies for being my best ya la
you'll always be there
and i'll always be here

i love you, until bones loleopard
sumpah ini bukan cerita gay yah, please
trus maaf my english is soooo bad, jadi kalo ada perbaikan jangan di publikasikan

poppo :)


pilolipolipilolipop said...

kapan rencana bikin postingan tentang abang angkat tersayang?

poppo said...

coming soon, dude hehehehe